2019 Coca-Cola Innov8 Hackfest

Digitize Swire and Coca-Cola’s value chain by leveraging disruptive technology to drive competitive advantage and improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness


This challenge is available for startups from China & APAC.

Focus Areas

Tackle one of these 5 Focus Areas and provide your solution to improve the value chain of Swire/Coca-Cola.
In a 10-slide PPT, summarize your project, detail the key points, and show how your business plan can create real value to Swire/Coca-Cola. The most creative and feasible projects will advance into the next phases.

Smart Retail & Consumer Engagement

Swire Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Greater China are companies with strong brand awareness and impression. Let’s explore how we can leverage on collective consumer initiatives and engage the emerging digital sub-segment in your Smart Retail solution.
What we are looking for:
Challenge your creativity and come up with a new model for Smart Retail & Consumer Engagement, focusing on community-based marketing/group purchase like online community marketing (社群营销),group buying (小区团购), or other trending platforms and technology such as Wechat shake (摇一摇) or personalized gaming (个性化游戏) and enabling closed-loop promotional transactions to take place.
  • The new business model and how it drives value for Swire and Coca-Cola
  • An integrated solution with methodology and tools to encourage and tracking customer execution (i.e. combo, reminder), promotion participation, result tracking and customer reward
  • How do we attract consumers and activate new channel that could help with product sell-in?
  • How do we run promotions or launch new products on these platforms?
  • Establish a close relationship with consumers and market the vested interests of brands
  • Demonstrate brand transparency and obtain consumer respect
  • Deep brand involvement from consumers
  • Provide attractive content which fully reflect the brand's personality and image
  • Recognition and reward, using existing technology such as games to encourage consumption motivation through points, badges and access rights to encourage and embrace Customer and Consumer Loyalty

B2B Customer Experience

Transform existing sales channels by changing from engaging customers to connecting with businesses. Be inspired to create innovative ways and focus on building CRM for all sales channels - which are not part of the Swire/ Coca-Cola’s chain.
What we are looking for:
  • Innovative and efficient ways to approach (but not limited to) Eating & Drinking (E&D) customers which are large scale via the proper contents and triggers, and solutions to gather customer information and connect with the right RTM (route-to-market) to help with product sell-in
  • An integrated solution with methodology and tools to encourage and tracking customer execution (i.e. combo, reminder), promotion participation, result tracking and customer reward
  • Identify resources or platforms which could help to empower customers and build strong bonds with Coca-Cola
  • A holistic solution to approach, connect, convert and create bond with E&D customers

Advanced Analytics & Data Visualization

As a large company with 15 bottling factories in 11 provinces of mainland China, Swire has collected a huge database for years. Grab this opportunity to use the world’s current advanced analytics technology to optimize Swire’s data, analyze them and guide decision-making.
What we are looking for:
  • Application of the latest data analysis concepts to help Swire and Coca-Cola to make informed decisions
  • Create effective data governance & promote data security
  • Use the latest data analysis technology to optimize and analyze Swire’s existing data.
  • Analyze the causes of faults, problems and defects in time may save enterprises billions of dollars every year
  • Plan real-time traffic routes for thousands of vehicles to avoid congestion
  • Analyze all SKUs, pricing and inventory clearance with profit maximization as the goal
  • Push relevant information based on customers’ interests according to their buying habits
  • Identify top 10% of Coca-Cola’s existing customers quickly from a large number of customers
  • Use clickstream analysis and data mining to avoid fraud
  • Timely (at least monthly) update of E&D market landscape and national performance of Coca-Cola’s execution by city tier, operation unit and store type
  • Analysis of market competition and opportunities for Coca-Cola Greater China
  • Analysis of Coca-Cola’s performance and opportunities
  • Highlight key watch-out, i.e. new player/product gaining significant market share (locally or nationally), new in-store activities with significant visibility/impact
  • Interactive data visualizations, enabling improved and creative ways of placing the large amount of data into a visual context

Digital Supply Chain

Data silos such as manufacturer’s utilization, inventory and capacity exist across Coca-Cola’s supply chain due to multiple partners like CPS, SCMC and different bottlers. Join us to solve inefficiencies from collaborating on the data transition, inventory plan, overhaul and delisting activities which cost the companies millions of dollars.
What we are looking for:
  • Achieve a consensus from bottlers like CPS to share data across the system
  • Host data in a common cloud location and have timely data reporting for all stakeholders to align and make informed decisions
  • Link data from the supply chain with sales/investment/value chain as well as market research data such as market share, freshness index and reports from AC Nielsen in order to use AI technology to study possible patterns
  • Leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to reduce manual tasks and increase productivity
  • Product Traceability and Smart Contracts
  • Simulations and forecast through all integrated data studies from AI to present all possible outcomes
  • Streamline and digitize the supply chain processes into one in order to manage supply chain activities from planning, sourcing, manufacturing to delivery and for the business to act in advance to mitigate risk and cost. This provides the best support for operations and enhances our business growth, thereby reducing costs from inefficiencies
  • Leverage cutting edge technology to provide complete transparency and visibility as well as automation